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Delfaye Jason, Chief School Business Official

Delfaye Jason is a strong and dedicated finance professional with several years of experience in governmental accounting, auditing, corporate accounting and school finance.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Master's in Business Administration (Finance) from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville and a Chief School Business Official certification from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

Since joining the East St Louis School District in 2018, Ms. Jason is known and respected for enforcing strict conformance to written policies, guidelines, rules and regulations, and maintaining high ethical standards.  She is highly competent in analyzing financial information and recognizes the financial implications of all management decisions.  Coming from a life-long legacy of educators, she knows the importance of education and her work is rooted in the belief that a great education is the foundation to life success.  One of her favorite aspects of her role as Chief School Business Official is being involved in collaboration between schools, teachers and administrators to further learn how to better instruct our students.